Our training is structured to continuously advance the student to their intended goal. It is much like the firearms academies and military training our instructors went through. Our classes are designed to take the student from one step to the next without overwhelming them with information. The reality is that students need to practice those techniques frequently to progress to the next level of proficiency. This is where our facilities comes into play. Most ranges will not allow for the student to properly train due to limited space. We offer the privacy and security typically not found in most public ranges. For more information please feel free to email us to  discuss your goals. 

 The goal of the United States Concealed Carry Association is to enable  our instructors to effectively teach responsible, safe and effective use plus carrying of firearms. Our instructors receive quality training plus support and must demonstrate their competence with ability to teach others in a classroom environment. When combined with their real world work experiences this goes well beyond most locations. In addition the USCCA also provides  Legal Protection policies that protect your family with complete peace of mind knowing the USCCA has your back BEFORE, DURING and AFTER a  deadly force incident. You want safety and security for your family. You’d do anything to protect them. But simply owning a tool to do it is not enough. Let our USCCA Instructors at Victor One Industries and your USCCA SHIELD membership arm you with the education, training and  legal protection  you need to protect your family with confidence. After all doing the right thing shouldn’t cost you everything.   


Our staff has current or retired  law enforcement and military instructors with experience teaching in their respective fields. They all come from a  military background as well as this is a veteran owned business. In addition, to meet company standards they are also NRA and USCCA certified. This includes certifications from various govt. organizations. All instructors are vetted and require documented certification with a reputable history of experience to work here. Training never ends even for instructors and ours are required to attend nationally recognized schools regularly.  


Our facilities for live fire training are outdoor ranges. However not all of our training requires live fire so our administrative classes are scheduled at various locations around Indiana. Our outdoor ranges are designed for people to train safely but not be limited in mobility. Please check our class schedule for more information on their specific locations.  


In general, there are no refunds for our services due to past events, students are "rolled over" into the next class they are able to attend. For more specific issues they are handled on a case by case basis.